Window Banners for Storefront Advertising

Window Banner Advertising Is A Cost-Effective Way To Attract Attention

Window banners are a great option for advertising to the public because of their versatility and extremely high rate of visibility. From a simple message with large text to a more elaborate design with pictures and logos, we Printastic provide unmatched quality at an affordable cost.

When purchasing a banner for your storefront window, always consider the most important factor - the size and location of the window. Other factors to think about are traffic patterns and visibility.

Printastic can create a custom banner to fit any storefront window.  If you’re having an event such as a sale or celebration, hanging a vinyl banner in your window is a great way to convey that message to anyone that visits or drives past your location.

Today, first impressions are made everywhere - including windows.

                   Window Banners    

If you’re a business — small or large — your windows should should be used to help promote your brand and the products or services you sell. The banners you hang in your windows don’t all have to be an exact clone of each other, but they should definitely be cohesive in their design for branding purposes.

When you begin to design your window banner, always start with your message. Of course you know your business and what you offer - but what kind of customer are you looking to attract?

  • Do you want to showcase a particular aspect of your business?
  • If you’re a retail location, do you want to highlight a particular product?
  • If you are a service provider, do you want to promote a satisfaction guarantee?  
  • Do you have a unique tagline or sales message?

Easy to use window advertising

Unlike window clings, which can be difficult to hang, and decals, which can be difficult to remove, window banners are easy to hang using suction cup hooks, and are easy to remove without leaving a mess behind. Just place the suction cups on and hang the banner, it’s that easy. Add the optional nickel platted grommets to the banner to make this easier and look nice. By using this method it makes changing your message easy. Vinyl banners are reusable, so you save money and it is good for the environment. Adding a second copy of each banner will enable you to hang them back to back so your message will show both inside and out. Printastic offers hemmed edges, but for window displays, you may want leave hems off your banner. It gives a cleaner and more professional look. Choose a size that fits your window, and have it printed to your exact window size. Whether you want to promote a special event, announce a new product, or draw in new customers, banners in your window are the perfect way to drive traffic into your business.

Spotlight Your Storefront

Vinyl banners are a great solution if you need a temporary indoor window sign for your business that can be changed out or taken down frequently. You can simply attach the banner to the store front window with suction cups inserted through the grommets. Our banners are a good choice for windows because they are very durable, UV resistant, and are easy to roll up and store when not in use.

Window ads can be designed online using Printastic’s professional customizable templates to ensure your banner looks exactly as intended. When laying out your design, remember that many people find script styles and serif fonts more difficult to read, so try to try to avoid using them whenever possible. Viewing distance is also a key consideration when choosing your colors. Pick a background color that contrasts nicely with the text and graphic elements to ensure that viewers can read your banner or sign easily.

Design from scratch or upload your company designs. It only takes minutes!

Lastly, a few words on frequency: You want to create a consistent image so you need to have a plan for changing your banners. Constantly creating new banners on a whim will quickly confuse your audience so having a plan in place is a great idea. Here are a few tips for when and why you should change your designs:

  • If your branding has had a redesign
  • If your company is seasonal
  • If you’re highlighting an event

You can easily upload your own designs when ordering or you can customize our design templates using our powerful customization tools.