Wide Load Truck Bumper Banners

Wide Load Bumper Banners are banners specifically sized to fit onto the front of any semi truck and rear trailer bumper, which include hemmed in stretchable bungee cords for fastening, and are used to alert oncoming and approaching traffic of an oversized load in transport.

States have regulations that specify certain requirements that must be adhered to when transporting a wide load, and these requirements include the colors that are allowed to be printed on any oversize load bumper banners used to communicate the transporting of a wide load to adjacent traffic in the nearby area. In order to identify the acceptable background colors and text requirements, we suggest visiting Oversize IO's State Regulations Page when customizing your wide load banner.

Our oversized load banner sizes range from one to one and one half foot size in height to 60 inches, 72 inches and 84 inches in width to ensure our wide load banner sizes fit the surface area of any truck or trailer bumper.

When you purchase an oversized load banner from Printastic, we will finish your banner with included hemmed in bungee cords for easily securing your banner to your truck or trailer bumper.

Are there design requirements for wide load banners?

Yes. We recommend reviewing websites similar to Oversize IO's State Regulations Page and verifying your state's wide load banner refulations to ensure your custom banner is in compliance to desgin and construction specifications.

Should my wide load banners be clean?

Yes. All 50 States include regulations that require a wide load banner includes no obstructions of any kind that could impair the visual clarity for oncoming traffic approaching the oversized load.

What type of vinyl do you use when printing wide load banners?

We print all of our wide load banners on durable 13 ounce high denier vinyl to ensure the strength of these oversize load banners exceed state requirements.

Are wide load banners necessary when transporting an oversized load on a truck?

Yes. Any truck transporting an oversized load on any municipal, state or federal roadway must include a wide load banner on the front truck bumper and rear trailer bumper.

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Wide Load banners
18 x 84
  • 12 x 60
  • 12 x 72
  • 18 x 60
  • 18 x 72
  • 18 x 84
inches, Height x Width
13oz matte vinyl
bungee cord sewn
top and bottom pole pockets
1 day production

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