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Cider Mill Banners Generate Local Interest

Advertise your Cider Mill’s open season with vinyl Banners from Printastic

Using vinyl banners to advertise the location and availability of a local Cider Mill is a very effective way to generate new customers

Cider Mill banner templates from Printastic have been thoughtfully designed to promote good feelings by using warm colors and inviting images. Your banners will inform viewers that they can visit the Cider Mill during certain months and between certain hours of each weekday. Cider Mills have long been a family activity destination during the autumn months and it’s important to make your specific location stand out among the crowd. As the popularity of Cider Mills continues to rise, displaying vinyl banners has become a preferred method of letting the public know about the range of products and events that you offer. Hay rides, apple picking, haunted barns, corn mazes and facility tours can all be advertised individually or in a group on a single banner. Making sure that your banners are visible from busy roads is important because the decision to visit a Cider Mill can be a spur-of-the-moment thing that is prompted when a driver sees your display.

Always make sure to advertise important facts such as being open “rain or shine” and if you have extended hours during a certain period, or if you have special events that are scheduled to take place during certain weeks or on specific days.