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Gyms and fitness centers use custom vinyl banners for a variety of reasons. From advertising member specials, exercise instructions, gym directions, ADA compliance, and more, gym banners are a vital part of any gym or fitness facility.

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Today's fitness businesses require solutions that make budget sense. Customizable vinyl banners represent a smart investment: they are affordable, versatile, durable, and fast to return value. Here are some of the ways they are being used:

Memberships & promotions. New membership signups are the life blood of your fitness business. Fitness memberships have a huge churn rate, so ensuring your member roster is growing requires effective promo strategies. Custom fitness center banners are highly visible and represent a very effective promotional strategy that is ideal for getting noticed.

Using your window space to advertise is important. You want the advertising to be temporary, due to seasonal and revolving programs, so permanent signage is not viable. Custom window banners are perfect for temporary and reusable displays. The photo-quality graphics we digitally print on our banners make these just as effective as permanent signs, however they can be rotated and reused whenever needed.

Exercise instructions. Customized instructional posters that show equipment instructions and proper exercising techniques are important. They remove a burden from your staff and support a better gym experience for members. They also create an appearance that adds professionalism.

Directing members. Many gyms use fitness center banners to direct members to locker rooms, athletic courts, pools and spas, snack areas, and more. Professional vinyl banners are a cost-effective way to improve how members use your space.

Notifications. Use custom vinyl banners to post rules, gym hours, special notices, and more. They are an affordable and versatile strategy for all your messaging needs.

ADA & compliance. Custom vinyl banners can help make your gym a welcoming place for people with disabilities. High quality fitness center banners can help make identifying and locating equipment, specific gym sections, and ways to access them easier for everyone.

If you already have your banner design ready, you can upload your artwork and choose a banner size. If you need to create your design, simply use one of our many fitness center banner templates and make it unique to your brand using our online design tools. It only takes a few minutes to create a custom vinyl banner that looks great.