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Printastic is your source for Stadium and Sports Banners For Every Game! Stadium banners promote upcoming games and help fans show their spirit. Printastic can make stadium banners for every sport and game, including football, basketball, baseball, soccer, cheerleading, and more. Use stadium banners to identify yourself as a proud American football fan, create energy and excitement at a baseball game or show off your team’s winning record at a basketball game. Regardless of which sport you play or follow, stadium banners celebrate the love of the game. Whether you are a fan of an intramural team, Little League team, high school team, college team, or professional sports organization, full-color, custom stadium banners show your pride, discipline, determination, and teamwork like nothing else.

Use banners to let the neighborhood know when you will be having tryouts, practices and games. In addition, banners are great indicators of parking lots and entrance / exit locations at major sporting events. Printastic has a variety of templates which you can customize for free to create unique, personalized stadium banners. Add your team’s name, mascot, and colors to each banner. Since most amateur teams have no official funding, use stadium banners as an opportunity to sell sponsorships - simply add your sponsor’s logos to the banner and feature them at your games—this is a great way to raise money and support for your team.

When coaching or supporting a sports team, it’s important to get the word out; stadium banners make it easy.

Stadium banners can be ordered in different materials and varying weights. Regular vinyl stadium banners are a lightweight yet strong material that is great for outdoor use at football, baseball and soccer games. For indoor cheerleading competitions and basketball games,we recommend matte vinyl or mesh stadium banners, which won’t glare in photographs. Printastic offers stadium banners in any size or quantity you need, so you can order just one for the game or hundreds to sell to team fans.

All our banners are printed on Matte Vinyl (for non-glare non-reflective reasons). We have options of:

• 10oz vinyl (indoor use)

• 13oz vinyl (light outdoor use)

• 16oz vinyl (heavy duty outdoor banners with Wind Slits)

• 9oz Mesh vinyl (semi-transparent).

Many stadiums and sports facilities are surrounded by grass or chain-link fencing, making this an ideal area for outdoor advertisements like stadium banners. In grassy areas, a Fiber Frame display from Printastic can be used, or simple posts can be easily driven into the ground for banner installation. Chain-link fences make a great place for stadium banners as well. Since the wind can hit the banner from both sides, the longevity of the banner will suffer, but a proper installation will help keep them up as long as possible.

Tools and parts required

Your new Banner
Heavy duty Zip ties
Steel Fence posts (for post install)
Level or measuring tape

  • Step 1:
    Start by picking the location for the banner and look at it from a distance to make sure nothing is obstructing the view. Measure the place where you want the banner to ensure it will fit.
  • Step 2: (post install only)
    When installing on posts you must first drive the steel posts in the ground. The outer 2 posts should be 4′′ away from the banner so you can tighten the banner properly. For example a 4′ banner should have the posts driven 4′ 8′′ apart at a minim. The inner posts should match up with the grommets in the banner and should be no further apart than 4′.
  • Step 3:
    Starting with the top corner put a zip tie through the banner and around the post or one of the fence wires. Do not tighten the zip tie all the way. Moving to the opposite corner level the banner and zip tie it as well, also leaving this tie partially undone.
  • Step 4:
    Zip tie the two bottom corners loosely, then go around pulling all four of the zip-ties as tight as possible without breaking the ties.

Notes For Success:

  • Windy conditions can make banner installations very difficult, so it is best to do this on a calm.
  • When finished, the banner should be tight like a drum.
  • Banners installed where the wind can hit them from both sides are prone to rips and tears. For this reason, we recommend selecting the “wind slits” option when purchasing your banners from Printastic -this will provide your banner relief from punishing winds.
  • Watch the banner closely and remove it immediately if any part tears free from the posts. If you want the banner to last along time, it should be removed during wind storms.