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Most people today love to finance large purchases over time, so they can have the good things in life now while paying for those good things later. However, with the recent trend in credit worthiness that has transpired, many consumers are having a hard time getting approved for credit, which has many business owners offering in-house financing and lower credit expectations to get the business.

Whether your business sells appliances, vehicles, big boy toys, furniture, or other high dollar products that usually cater to consumers financing these items more than paying cash, promoting instant credit approval programs, guaranteed financing offers, or bad credit / no problem deals, is a very good way to attract buyers to your business. Even if you have stipulations for credit terms, most consumers if they have even the slightest blemish on the FICO report will tend to shy away from the possibility of being rejected. By promoting a guaranteed instant credit approval banner in your retail store front for all to see, is just the message the shy consumer afraid of getting rejected for credit approval needs to stop in your store and apply for financing.

More times than not, a slight blemish is not enough to get rejected for the purchase of most items. For example, the financing of jewelry is usually pretty easy to get approved regardless of your FICO score, but consumers don't know this and are therefore apprehensive to try and finance. However, if you have an ad that says that any credit score is not turned down on a eye catching banner hanging outside your jewelry store, this message is all a financing buyer needs to read to feel comfortable applying for credit at your store to buy that next piece of jewelry they so desperately want to get for that special someone.

One way to convert a looker to a buyer is to inform them you have easy financing and approval on the purchase of your high dollar items.

Credit Guarantee banners should be hung along side a building or in a business window to attract the attention of motorists driving by your store in order to optimize the exposure you need to entice customers to come in and apply for credit for purchasing the high dollar products you sell. These easy credit approval promotions can be printed on a variety of banners to easily be read, and when this is the case, if the consumer that passes by is even slightly interested in the items you are selling, this invitation to apply for financing due to the fact that they wont get turned down is enough reason to stop in a make that buying decision.

For sizing we finance banners, visual perception and being able to easily read your finance message is the key to a successful campaign. Graphics are secondary as the word Guaranteed Finance, or instant approval, or even no credit check required notices in the form of block styled text is all a customer needs to see. When this is the case, size your banners to ensure they can be read by passing traffic and be sure to keep your text colors in sharp contrast with your background colors to ensure the text message stands out and can be easily read. For size, we suggest using 3x8 foot banners, or even our 4x10 banners depending on how much space you have to work with.

We realize that most of you will already have print ready files for your Easy Credit Approval banners ready to promote the credit approval qualifications you offer. If this is the case you can easily upload your graphic file at the time you order, and we will review your file to ensure your banner message is printed to your expectations. However, for those of you that do not have a print ready file ready for displaying your easy finance ads, we have created some custom credit approval messaged sign templates you can modify to suit your credit approval needs. Simply find the guaranteed credit approved message you like best from the signs we have created and use our easy to use online banner design tools customize your banners. Our online designer will make it easy for you to modify any template so that your banner contains the unique color schemes, desired fonts and type styles your instant financing banner will need. We also allow you to upload your own graphics and logos onto these sign templates, so even if you have a graphical logo you want to use within your credit approved banners, you can easily add your logo and any other graphics you want for personalizing your message.

Be rest assured, when you buy any of our banners, high resolution printing is what you can expect from the banners you will receive from Printastic.