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Banners for Haunted Houses

Haunted houses offer seasonal fun in Autumn, allowing hundreds or thousands of people to visit and get scared. Your haunted house must attract visitors during the season and promote it beforehand so that your customers know when you’re opening and closing.

Attract Customers

Vinyl banners for your haunted houses attract customers all season long. A large banner telling your potential visitors where your haunted house is located can help you create awareness of your haunted house so that people remember to check it out later in the season.

If you’re a new haunted house opening up, make sure to promote it with a banner that lets people know about your value proposition. What makes your haunted house different from the others will be one of the main reasons your visitors choose your haunted house over the competition.

If your haunted house has been around for a while, it’s important to remind your potential customers every year that your haunted house is opening yet again. Create a banner with important dates of operation and any other important information the public should know.

Cheap Advertising

Haunted houses are typically local events that people in surrounding neighborhoods visit. However, if you’re in a location on the main road that sees a lot of cars drive by, you can use a large custom vinyl banner to promote your haunted house and bring customers in from the surrounding areas, reaching a broader audience and more potential customers.

No other form of cheap advertising can help you continuously promote your haunted house all season long to those who didn’t know your haunted house existed or when it opened.

Continuous Promotion

Your banner can stay up for as long as you want. If you have other events like a haunted corn maze, you can promote your other offerings on specialty banners as well and for as long as your haunted house remains open during the season. With a custom banner, you’re paying a one time cost for an advertising tool that can be used over and over again every single year.

Vinyl banners are so durable, in fact, that they can withstand even the harshest autumn weather. They’ll never rip or tear so that you can continue to use them year after year.

You can place your banners anywhere on your property to promote awareness of your upcoming events.


A large outdoor banner attracts customers and lets them know where you’re located. People driving by or walking their dog can see your banner and start planning for a fun weekend at your haunted house.


Your haunted house might not begin as soon as your customers enter your establishment. For this reason, you may want to draw their attention to different areas. If you have ticket sales for rides like a haunted hayride or a gift shop so that people can cherish their memories at your haunted house, you can use indoor banners to draw attention to different areas and lead them around.

As Directions

If your haunted house is typically busy, your customers can get lost. This is something many people want to avoid, especially in a haunted house. You can use large banners with lights to lead your guests to different areas of the haunted house, including the exit for those who are too overwhelmed to continue.

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To order your custom haunted house banner, upload your own artwork or use one of our existing customizable templates. Next, choose the right size depending on your goals.