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Using Banners to Promote Your Laundry Business

Banners are an important marketing tool for any business that depends on walk-ins. With the right banner, you can create awareness and boost your business.

A laundromat can print banners for a variety of promotional reasons. Communicate business hours, offer folding services, or provide washing and drying clothing discounts on custom banners that can be positioned outside your laundromat to attract patrons needing their laundry cleaned.

If your laundromat has just opened, consider engaging locals that pass by with agrand opening banner. Odds are, you will find a large demographic in the vicinity that will prefer to use your laundromat because of the convenience of your facility being closer.

Advertising your business with a custom banner doesn’t have to only cater to the outdoors, why not use our matte banners to promote services you offer inside your laundry facility too. Ideas for indoor banners include advertising dry cleaning services, and promoting detergents and cleaners you might sell.

Simply upload the artwork you wish us to print on your banner(s), choose from our designs that can be customized online or design your own laundromat themed banner from scratch using our easy online design tools.