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An old strategy for attracting people in your store is a campaign called the Lost Leader Promotion. This is a strategy that entail offering a huge selling popular product that attracts consumers to make a purchase. Often lost leader products will not contain much of a profit for the business to enjoy, so these popularized products are more for attracting consumers in the store than for an opportunity to make money. However, once the customer does enter the business to make a purchase for these popular products, they are likely to purchase other items within the store also which makes this approach a sound strategy for attracting customers.

A popular lost leader among convenience stores is the all too popular lottery ticket sales customers congregate to in order to win those advertised winnings. Although a store owner does not profit much from the sale of lottery tickets, notifying customers that one sells lottery tickets is a great way to attract customers in the store where other purchases can be enjoyed as well. One of the better advertising methods to promote the lottery is to advertise on lottery ticket banners that any store can hang outside their shop to attract passing consumers as they drive by. These banners are effective in attracting traffic due to the tremendous draw lottery sales can provide, and once the customer arrives in your store to buy their daily share of lottery tickets, they more often than not, purchase a soft drink or other items when they are perusing your store as well.