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School Orientation Banners

Welcome New Students To Your School With Orientation Banners

Congratulate your new students with large banners inviting them to attend a new school year orientation session! Their admission into your academic institution is a testament to the personal and academic accomplishments of each individual student. They have chosen an institution that values and supports individual contributions and you want to empower them in and out of the classroom to make a positive impact in the lives of others while reaching their highest potential.

Getting ready to attend a new school, college or university can be an overwhelming experience filled with anxiety and uncertainty. With all the stresses associated with visiting an educational campus for the first time, it’s important to make it as easy and effortless as possible for incoming students to find information about upcoming orientation sessions by prominently displaying school orientation banners.

A student orientation program lays the foundation for students to flourish academically, engage socially, and grow personally during and beyond their time at the school. Typically, an orientation program strives to introduce new pupils to the school’s community and resources by fostering open dialogue, ongoing mentorship, and an inclusive environment that is reflective of that school’s beliefs and values.

Because incoming students are largely unfamiliar with the layout and structure of the school, college or university, orientation banners can be displayed to provide information related to the session they need to attend. Banners can be used in combination with websites to help prepare the students. For example, if students are expected to bring certain documents, supplies or other materials to the orientation session, the banners displayed on campus should include a website address for students to visit, which then lists any requirements that the students need to be aware of before attending the orientation session.