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School Registration Banners

Ease The Transition Into The New Year With School Registration Banners

The back to school student registration process can be a confusing time for parents and students, but displaying large vinyl registration banners from Printastic can make the entire experience a little bit easier of everyone involved. Our professionally designed banner templates feature bright, cheerful color, plenty of room for pertinent information and can be easily customized to include school specific themes and logos using our free online banner design tools. School registration banners from Printastic help to streamline the registration process by providing important informational benefits that include:

Enhanced communication with parents — Large vinyl banners are a great addition to the School Registration process to inform parents exactly where to go when they arrive. Registration banners help schools and parents to stay connected and build mutual trust from the start beginning with registration and continuing throughout the year.

Promote your school’s web site — Including a website address on registration banners makes it easy for parents to note and visit important school websites before, during and after the registration process. Most schools offer online access to registration forms post events, make announcements and showcase photos to stay connected with students, parents and volunteers throughout the school year.

Ensure adequate training — Registration banners can help to organize a “back-to-school” training meeting with staff and volunteers so that they are familiar with your system and know where to find pertinent information. Banners can display individual meeting room information and session times to make sure that teachers and volunteers are all properly informed of upcoming training events.

Simplify school registration day — School registration banners from Printastic are exceptionally rugged and can be used hanging outdoors or hanging in side on walls or from ceilings. In addition, banners can be used to designate PTA recruitment tables and to identify refreshment stations for parents. In addition, banners can be hung over public use computers with password information and simple instructions to assist parents with on-site online registrations.