Barricade Banners

Direct people while featuring event highlights, advertising vendors, and even recognizing event sponsors with custom barricade banners that you can install on crowd prevention barricades.

Specifically sized and designed to fit popular barricades used to contain and control crowds, our vinyl barricade banners are quicker to install and less likely need to be removed than standard fabric barricade wraps.

Vinyl banners are easier to clean than printed fabric wraps. Fabrics will stain easier than vinyl and when fabric needs to be cleaned, it must be removed. Banners can be cleaned with simple hand soap and water without the need for removal from the barricade. Also a vinyl barricade banner is much more affordable than a barricade wrap and once installed, looks every bit as professional as a barricade wrap.

We use both 13 ounce solid vinyl and 8 ounce mesh vinyl to print our barricade banners. If your barricades are not in an area with excessive wind conditions, the 13 ounce matte finished vinyl is perfectly suitable to use. However, if wind is a possible factor for your barricades, the 8 ounce mesh might be your better choice.

We offer by default three feet high banners, since standard crowd control barricades come in 3 foot sizes. Although most crowd barricades are six to eight feet in width, we do offer four, six, eight, and ten foot widths for custom barricades. If your barricades are higher and wider than our default sizes, please contact us for custom sizing that we are happy to provide.

How Are My Barricade Banners Installed?

We provide the needed number of zip ties with each barricade banner you purchase from us along with included grommets in all four corners or every two feet, depending on what your barricade may need. Zip ties are inserted into the grommet holes and along the barricade's railing for secure crowd facing fastening.

Do I need banners on both sides of my barricade?

If the crowd is prevented from accessing one side of the barricade, only one custom banner per barricade should be needed. However, if the crowd is present on both sides of the barricade, one could fasten a separate banner facing the opposite side.

Can My Barricade Banners Include Full Color Process Printing?

Yes. We digital print our banners, and you can include high definition full color process graphics on your banners.

Can I Get Custom Shaped Barricade Banners If Needed?

We do accept special requests if your barricade banners require special sizing or shaping. Please contact us for a custom quote if this applies.

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Barricade Banners
3 x 4
  • 3 x 4
  • 3 x 6
  • 3 x 8
  • 3 x 10
feet, Height x Width
13oz matte vinyl
grommets every 2 feet on all 4 sides
zip ties included
1 day production

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