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Available shapes

By default this product comes cut into individual, rectangular shapes staggered on a sheet of vinyl. Optionally, you can choose to have it cut into the following shapes:

- Ovals
- Circles
- Custom-cut shapes

Custom shape stickers are contour-cut around your desired shape and come combined, several to a sheet to maximize efficiency of production. Custom shape cutting is only available if you provide a vector contour shape for cutting in your file. Unless included in your design file, contour cutting is not possible. Please download and follow our file setup instructions below that include necessary steps to create vector contour shapes for cutting.

3M IJ180-10 cast semi-gloss vinyl

This is the ultimate 10-year 3M vinyl. At only 2mil. thick, this white cast vinyl comes in semi-gloss finish with controltac permanent removable adhesive with clean removal up to 5 years and designed to last outdoors up to 10 years.

Included 3M 8518 cast gloss overlaminate

Included standard with our forever stickers, this 3M cast 2mil. gloss overlaminate improves outdoor durability with added UV, scratch, and abrasion protection.


Laminated decals come printed on 3M 10-year vinyl and are laminated with 3M gloss cast overlaminate. Our ultimate stickers are designed to last up to 10 years outdoors under normal-use conditions if installed on vertical smooth surfaces in indirect sunlight. The included 3M overlaminate greatly improves UV and scratch resistance to abrasion.

Make your own laminated stickers
3 x 3
  • 3 x 3
  • 4 x 4
  • 5 x 5
  • 6 x 6
  • 8 x 8
50 $705 days
100 $1255 days
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Laminated Stickers and Decals

Our Custom Laminated Vinyl Stickers And Decals Help Insure Your Design Always Looks Great Wherever You Stick ‘em!

Some things never go out of style: business logos, American flags, military logos, club logos, etc. And just like a “Forever” stamp from the post office, laminated stickers are always good to get your message across, even in the toughest situations. Perfect for labeling construction equipment, showing your patriotic flair on your vehicle, or sticking in any kind of stressful situation, these laminated stickers will continue to last, keeping your design looking great for the better part of the next decade.

Sam Bender Jun 20, 2016 Reviews for banner printing

I had a very complicated order: we needed ~100 corrugated plastic signs, different designs, different sizes, particular corrugation directions, going to two different locations, and it needed to arrive in under a week. And all throughout the process they were great! I was in personal contact with their representative daily as he ensured that they got all the little details right, I was a bit worried because of some mistakes on my end but everything was solved and arrived exactly when they said it would. It looked far better than other signs we've made in the past, and it was much less expensive. Highly recommended.