Magnetic Signs UV Printed
Magnum Magnetics 30mil Magnet
12 x 48 Magnetic Signs
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12x48 Magnetic Signs Options and Specs

We offer a wide selection of all common and popular magnetic sign sizes. As a precise fit is critical for magnets to lay completely flat on your vehicle, with no air pockets, plastic moldings, hard curves or door hinges, etc, we strongly suggest measuring a completely flat surface that will fit your magnets well on your vehicle. For the 12 x 48 magnet, you will need to have a completely flat, metallic surface on your vehicle of at least that size, preferably larger by at least one inch on all four sides.

Other sizes available, see the all magnetic sign sizes page

UV Printed on one side
30mil Magnum Magnetic magnetic material
Half-inch rounded corners
Product Lifespan is up to 2 years with proper care
Sold individually, recommended use in pairs
File Setup for Printing 12"x48" Magnetic Sign
Adobe Photoshop (also applies to all Raster Files)
- set up artboard to be 12” x 48” in inches
- set dpi to be anywhere from 150 to 300 dpi
- regular RGB or sRGB color space
- save as 100% quality jpeg file
Adobe Illustrator (also applies to all Vector files)
- set up canvas to be 12” x 48” in inches
- regular RGB, sRGB color space, or
- Coated GRACol or Coated US SWOP v2 color space
- embedded raster images should be at least 150dpi at actual size
- embed all raster images
- convert all text to outlines
- expand all strokes
- save as a pdf file