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Choosing the Right Size Magnetic Sign

Make the right choice to properly fit magnetic signs for advertising to your vehicle.

Just like Goldilocks, when you order magnetic signs for your vehicle, you want the size to be just right! Too large and you'll have difficulty mounting them safely, too small and you risk having signs that don't create the desired impact.

Always measure your vehicle for an accurate understanding of sizing challenges. Here are some general guidelines based on vehicle type:

Compact cars

The most common size for a good fit is 12" x 18". Compact cars may have unique body configurations, check the intended mounting area for obstructions.

Passenger cars, sedans or coupes

12" x 24" will typically fit, although certain sporty configurations may not be appropriate. Four-door models may offer multiple suitable locations for mounting.

Pickup trucks & SUVs

These vehicle types can accommodate larger magnets, 18” x 24” is a popular size. Four-door models and those with spacious rear designs may offer additional locations for mounting.

Vans & small delivery trucks

24” x 36” is a popular size for van magnets and some larger types can mount sizes up to 24” x 48”. These vehicles typically are ideal for magnetic signs, with spacious passenger doors, side panels, and rear doors.

One size DOES NOT fit all! Not all car doors are designed identically, or made from the same materials. First, check that the mounting surface is magnetic: you can test with a refrigerator magnet. Plastic, aluminum, carbon fiber, and other non-ferrous materials are not suitable for magnetic signs.

Second, car magnets should be ordered in custom sizes to ensure the best fit. Magnets installed over trim molding, a curved surface, or over badges or other features can result in a poor fit that weakens the bond between the car and the magnet. Always measure the flat, metallic surface area you wish to utilize for your magnetic signs before you order.

Here are the sizes we offer standard for our magnetic signs (please call us for non-standard sizes):

Creating and ordering your custom magnetic signs is easy:

  1. Use our online tool to design your magnetic sign;
  2. Choose the perfect size according to our guide above & your measurements;
  3. Select a template & upload your image or text;
  4. Use the preview image to confirm how it looks;
  5. Submit your order & leave the rest to us!

Questions (including about size) or special orders? You can contact our support team, we're happy to help. Thank you for trusting your magnetic sign needs to us, we're a preferred partner for businesses and organizations across the United States.