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24" x 48" Magnetic Signs

Custom printed 24" X 48" magnetic are the perfect size to advertise your company along the side of extended windowless cargo vans to maximize the amount of advertising space your cargo van has to attract attention to potential customers as your company travels down the road.

These 2 feet high by 4 foot long magnetic signs can be printed to include the same background color as the color of your van or truck to create the appearance of a die-cut magnet sign without going to the trouble of making any intricate cuts to your graphics. Using 24" x 48" magnetic signs provide an impactful impression to motorists as they pass by your van or truck, so using these to brand your company while conveying the services you offer is how large magnetic signs like these should be used.

This is the largest magnetic sign we make, and is the perfect size display for the side of extended sized ferrous metal cargo vans and truck walls. They are a great display for branding any mobile traveling business and are large enough to display graphics and text that can be easily interpreted by motorists passing by.

Other sizes available, see the all magnetic sign sizes page

UV Printed on one side
30mil Magnum Magnetic magnetic material
Half-inch rounded corners
Product Lifespan is up to 2 years with proper care
Sold individually, recommended use in pairs
File Setup for Printing 24"x48" Magnetic Sign
Adobe Photoshop (also applies to all Raster Files)
- set up artboard to be 24” x 48” in inches
- set dpi to be anywhere from 150 to 300 dpi
- regular RGB or sRGB color space
- save as 100% quality jpeg file
Adobe Illustrator (also applies to all Vector files)
- set up canvas to be 24” x 48” in inches
- regular RGB, sRGB color space, or
- Coated GRACol or Coated US SWOP v2 color space
- embedded raster images should be at least 150dpi at actual size
- embed all raster images
- convert all text to outlines
- expand all strokes
- save as a pdf file