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Grommets can be punched through the sign material using a precision grommet machine to create an installation hole. The 2” nickel grommets we use have proven to be extremely durable. They have a highly professional finish, will not rust, and measure 3/4" on the outside with a 1/2" diameter hole.
The smooth inside edges of our metal grommets ensure that in most cases, the cord or rope passing through the hole will not chaff as much as other usages and therefore has lower risk of cutting whatever is used to hang the sign.
Adhesive Vinyl Print
ORAJET 3164 matte vinyl
Standard matte white vinyl with clear permanent water based adhesive. This media offers great flexibility along with strong, pressure activated adhesive. Lasts up to 4 years in outdoor installations.
  • Unlaminated & Untreated
  • 4 mil economy grade vinyl
  • 4 year expected lifespan
  • Clear permanent water based adhesive
  • Easy-release backing liner
Professional Appearance
PVC signs can be optionally finished with lamination film that provides a professional appearance while extending product life and protecting the print.
This laminate film provides moderate protection from moisture damage and is resistant to markings and graffiti. It also delivers excellent protection against fading from exposure to UV rays.
PVC signs can be printed double sided, with the same image or different images on front and back.
Available Thicknesses
Your signs can be produced on 3 or 6mm PVC.
3mm PVC Plastic
A standard 3mm thick PVC is about 3/16” thick and a good choice for indoor signage, short term outdoor signs, signs with backing or use in the sign holders and frames.
6mm PVC Plastic
At double the thickness of the regular 3mm PVC and roughly 1/4” thick, the 6mm PVC provides added rigidity and weight required for free hanging signage.
Make your own pvc signs
18 x 24 - $27
  • 12 x 18 - $19
  • 18 x 24 - $27
  • 18 x 30 - $31
  • 24 x 36 - $41
  • 24 x 48 - $55
  • 18 x 12 - $17
  • 24 x 18 - $27
  • 30 x 18 - $31
  • 36 x 24 - $41
  • 48 x 24 - $55
  • 18 x 18 - $25
  • 24 x 24 - $31
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301 to 1000 $22.415 days
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Lightweight, Durable Indoor Signs

Our custom PVC signs feature a smooth, white matte finish that drastically reduces reflections, glare, fingerprints and smudges. Although the PVC comes in white, the surface area is 100% covered with adhesive back vinyl from Oracal, which means that your custom printed sign can be white, black or any and all colors in-between.

PVC signs are ideal for long term wall displays and other situations that call for a professional look that can be installed with everyday hanging tools. A great example of PVC sign use is commercial office spaces, where PVC signs are used to designate company names, department titles, utility information and general business graphics. PVC signs can be found in all shapes and sizes in nearly every retail shopping mall, containing messages ranging from wayfinding signs to promotional information and sale markers.

The material is suitable for indoor use only, since prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause yellowing and high heat can cause it to warp, but it is also waterproof, long-lasting, and easy to mount. Optional grommets allow for easy installations using screws, string, wire or hooks. Standard hanging tools like double sided tape, adhesive, and Velcrotm brand hook and loop fasteners make it easy to secure PVC signs in place, or simply use any custom easel or display system.

Custom Printed PVC Signs are Often Used For:

  • Business and Office Signs
  • Retail Store and Display Signs
  • Warehouse & Factory Signage
  • Point-of-Purchase Signs
  • High-End Trade Show Signs
  • Hanging and Floor Signs
  • Sale and Promotional Signs
JoshValenti Jun 13, 2018 Reviews for banner printing

Needed a nice size banner for a band that plays shows and needed branding at the table. Printastic literally has the best prices with the craziest turnaround time. 3 DAYS? My shirt printer takes 5x as long. 100% recommended