Custom QR Code Banners

Generate and print custom QR codes on banners to turn any standard vinyl banner into a smart banner.

Qr Codes have grown immensely in popularity since IOS and Android operating systems now automatically recognize the QR Code from their camera automatically without the need to download an extra app for the scanning process.

These codes possess the QR acronym, because QR stands for Quick Response. They were invented as a fast, high speed tracking code for scanning automobile components in the manufacturing of cars back in 1994. They can be generated to scan any text character, symbol and number, and their high speed scanning accuracy is one of the reasons we recommend printing QR codes on banners.

In our digital world, the opportunities are endless when using QR code banners to provide more information to a passing customer. Although most use QR codes to send a phone user to a website, one can also use a QR code to automatically open a video of your services or send a podcast recording to interact with a potential customer in real time to help convert a visitor into a qualified lead.

When printing a qr code on a banner, the size and legibility of that code is far more important than modifying the shape or color scheme. Many may have seen the branded round QR codes that have become popular, because of their unique look. While it is true that the round and logo shaped qr code are more appealing, the time it takes for your smartphone to interpret these round and custom shaped codes takes much longer than a traditional square qr code. We think keeping these codes their original square shape on your banner to ensure passerby phones interpret the qr message in the quickest response possible will better convert scans.

For maximizing the engagement of people using their phones to interact with your banner's QR code, we recommend keeping the size at least 2 foot square on your banner. Studies show that in order for a QR Code to be successfully scanned at 12 feet away, your code should be at least 19 inches in size. As a rule, to accommodate passerby's that are 15 feet away being able to scan your banner's QR Code successfully, we recommend a 2 foot square QR Code be the minimum size used.

QR Code Banner FAQs

Where can I generate a QR code for my banner?

There are many free QR code generators that will generate the necessary code to link to the url, video, podcast, phone number, or coordinates you want to include.

Can I Use Qr Codes To Track My Banner's Success?

Absolutely! By printing different QR codes on each banner campaign that resent different destinations, one can track the success your banner is having in the location it is used at.

Why Would People Want To Scan My QR Code?

QR Codes are literally a mystery awaiting anyone waiting to take the time to scan them. Curiosity entices us all to venture off to locations we have never seen before. QR Codes are scanned for the same reason, and can engage people with a audio recording, video, or a coupon.

Can QR Codes Used To Attract People At Great Distances?

Yes they can. A large QR Code printed on a large format banner installed high on a building can be scanned from people at ground level.

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QR Code Banners
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