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Available models

White Quick Sign, Slide in

Graphic panel attachment
Slide-in graphics

No additional tools or materials required, the graphic panels simply slide into the frame slots.


Not required, comes completely assembled.


Comes printed on both sides and ready to use

Brand Name: QUICK SIGN by Plasticade

Frame Size: 31” High x 26” Wide x 2” Deep

Frame Weight: 7 Lbs

Graphic Panel Size: 18” High x 24” Wide

Number of Panels: Two

Panel Material: 4mm Coroplast

Panel Attachment: Slide in

Shipping and packing

Shipping weight: 10 Lbs

Packaging: Individually boxed

Box size: 48” High x 28” Wide x 4” Deep

Ships by: UPS Ground

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Quik Sign Sidewalk A-Frame Sign

Our lightweight Quik Sign Sidewalk A-Frame Signs are customizable and easy to move anywhere you want to display them.

If you’re always on the go and need a durable sign that can keep up with your busy schedule, our easy to use Quik Sign is the perfect choice. Made of molded durable white plastic that won’t break down thanks to your on-the-go lifestyle, the Quik Sign goes up fast, gets the job done, and breaks down in no time, saving you the headache of having to spend extra time setting up. Perfect for real estate agents, resale shops, and estate sale planners, the sign beautifully display an 18x24 custom-printed panel that can be populated with any logo, picture, or artwork you’d like. Don’t waste time lugging around heavy marketing materials you don’t need, our Quik Sign packs the big punch you want in an attractive tiny package.

KimPietrzak Sep 13, 2018 Reviews for banner printing

Great Quality and Fast Turnaround
Printastic is my go-to banner supplier. Quality always exceeds expectations and the product is produced and shipped in a timely fashion. I have long stopped looking for alternative suppliers.