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Who can use hallway banners

Any business or organization with spacious halls and hallways can easily add hallway banners to their advertising program. These vinyl banners are easily hanged on the walls or from hall ceilings, and create memorable and eye catching displays without getting into the way. Hallway banners are especially popular in high traffic locations where lots of people go through the halls such as schools, churches, hotels, exhibits and galleries, and government offices working with the public.


First and foremost, remember the safety of your staff and visitors while locating a spot for your banner in the hallway. Do not block any safety equipment or warnings, emergency lighting, or signs indicating an emergency exit or evacuation plans. Other than that, it is as easy as finding an opening in the hall or hallway wall that gets good visibility on the path of your visitors, and placing the banner somewhere at eye level where your visitor won’t have to look up notice your banner. Usually the hall wall right across from the main entrance, or behind the welcome counter is the most visible spot.

Suggested banner types for use in hallways

Indoor hallways provide a good place for most types of banners to be hanged, and as you don’t have worry about wind or weather elements, most any lightweight banner type will work. Another option for banners hanged off the hall ceilings are our mesh banners made of perforated mesh vinyl that would allow air, light, and sound to pass through.


Depending on your setting and hallway finish, it is not always feasible to permanently install a banner onto the walls. In these cases, it is best to use temporary installation methods such as use of grommets, ropes, or attaching to existing fixtures and building structures.

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$55 - price as configured;
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