Learn How Banners Are Made

When you know how our vinyl banners are made, you learn all the options for your banner project.

If you want to know how our high quality vinyl banners are made, you've come to the right place. We're excited to show you first hand our banner printing and manufacturing process, review finishing options, and showcase our work with detailed images and descriptions. Knowing how we do it can help you understand how to order your perfect banners.

  • Choose from dozens of sizes from 2' x 2' to 10' x 50'
  • Multiple options for material
  • 6 Color HP Latex Print Technology, for full-color, single- & two-color printing
  • Perfect image & logo printing
  • Sturdy hemming & grommet options no extra charge
  • Printed in the USA
Printing vinyl banners

We're proud to show off our investment in the industry's most advanced color printing technology. Our printing process uses the latest generation of HP Latex Color Printing tools, which deliver the finest results available.

Matte vs. glossy vinyl material

A lot of printers will tell you that glossy material is an acceptable bargain option, so they can up-sell you on matte material. We don't do that. Learn why matte vinyl material is the clearly superior choice for most applications.

Matte vinyl material types

No banner project is the same—that's why we offer different matte vinyl material types to fit different applications. If your banners are intended for outdoor or indoor use, need to withstand adverse conditions, are being printed on both sides, or are being used to connect with viewers in different ways, these factors all make a difference in the most suitable material. Review your options here with a convenient chart that summarizes performance and benefits.

Vinyl denier

A high denier count is essential for a high quality vinyl banner. Learn what that means, so you can understand how our 1000 x 1000 denier count vinyl material guarantees banners that look great and perform to the industry's highest standards.

Banner hemming

Your banner is more than just its printed imagery. Sturdy hemming protects your investment and delivers a banner that lasts. Our unique heat welding process creates a double-thickness hem that strengthens the edges—we build our vinyl banners to be tougher, more durable, and more able to last.

Banner grommets

Grommets are the little metal discs punched into the hem which protect the vinyl fabric from tearing, while allowing you to secure your banner to the mounting surface. We have options for grommets, learn more about them here.

Vinyl banners 100% quality guarantee

We offer a 100% quality guarantee on all vinyl banners we print, which protects your purchase against any production defects. We're committed to ensuring superb quality and your satisfaction—our guarantee is one of the reasons we're a preferred printing partner for businesses around the United States.

Our customer service is another reason we're preferred. Here's what you need to know about banner shipping and care.

Banner shipping

We offer FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100 and we use UPS with auto-tracking for all orders. From ordering to delivery, our expected turnaround time is 6-7 business days—ultra-fast service means your banner investment begins returning value as soon as possible!

We've shipped 50,000+ banners and signs to more than 10,000 businesses, organizations, and individuals—we're happy to have you join our family of happy customers!

Banner care & maintenance

Our banners are designed for multiple years of service, but they need your help to live their best and longest life. Take care mounting them, according to the best practices we've provided. When not in use, roll up carefully (do not fold) and store in a cool, dry place.

Occasional gentle cleaning will help your vinyl banners look their best:

Contact our support team with any questions or special orders. We specialize in printing vinyl banners of the highest quality—trust us to make your banner project exceptional!