Printastic’s Printing Technology

Beautiful Full Color Digital Printing

At Printastic, we take great care when printing your vinyl banners. We use the right combination of the latest generation HP Latex color printing technology and finishing options to ensure your printed banner is absolutely astonishing. Unlike other online places whose focus is to maximize profit, speed, and cut corners anywhere they can, we operate differently and hold ourselves to a higher standard.

We truly enjoy printing and we strive to become the preferred printer of choice for you, your business, or organization. That’s why we only use the latest technologies, we print in the highest quality mode, we output maximum resolution 1200x1200dpi images, use top quality vinyl and process your files using the best image processing software on the market. We inspect every printed banner as part of our rigorous 100% quality control guarantee to ensure you get your banner printed right – every time!

Environmentally Friendly Quality

Making sure your online printer uses the right print technology and does not cut corners on print quality plays an important role in the success of your banner, as the print market has become saturated with questionable companies that don’t care about quality of the print or the impact they have on the environment.

At Printastic, we use only the latest grand format (10’ wide) HP Latex printer systems. This choice was made due to many factors including print quality and product longevity. Another important benefit to HP Latex inks is their odorless, safe composition which does not include any harmful solvents or UV based inks. And since are totally committed to printing in an environmentally responsible way, we're proud that the HP Latex inks meet the highest environmental standards, using HP Latex inks that are UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD GOLD® Certified. Using water-based components eliminates exposure to inks with hazard warning labels and high solvent concentrations, and simplifies ventilation, storage, and transportation requirements.

Detail Oriented Technology

A key component to quality printing is the number of inks the printer uses. Our banners are printed with a 6 color ink set – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta plus Optimizer - well above the standard CMYK printing offered by most banner companies. Each additional color adds to the cost of printing, hence many companies choose to limit printing to the very basic CMYK color ink set which produces inferior images that look pale in comparison to to our banner images.

We use a robust, affordable super-wide system for both indoor and outdoor applications. Printing at speeds of up to 800 square feet per hour, the printer leverages 1,200dpi HP thermal print heads, auto nozzle replacement technology, integrated optical media advance sensors (OMAS) and an embedded spectrophotometer. Our latex ink printing technology allows for an extremely small drop size, producing very sharp crisp prints with even the smallest details and fonts. The printer processes colors and images in the design, and the output is not grainy or pixelated, including light colors and gradients.

HP Latex 1500 print heads deliver 1200 dpi resolution—high image quality over the life of the printer. The ultra high resolution ensures that fine details are brought to life through the extra small dot size produced by our high resolution technology. Colors are bright, solid fills are continuous and skin tones are accurate. This is Next Generation HD Imaging.
Integrated maintenance features include an advanced automatic drop detection and nozzle replacement system that keep the heads firing at maximum performance. The system alerts the operator when a print head needs replacement, which ensures that our equipment is always up to specification.
HP OMAS & spectrophotometer units built into the HP Latex 1500 printer ensure reliable print quality for the color you expect across the surface area of each print and from othe first copy to the last. Consistent color management is a key component of any successful branding effort and Printastic helps you to acheive it.