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Printastic’s print technology

Vinyl banner printing been around for a long time, and has helped businesses, entrepreneurs, and governments send messages to the masses. Thanks to many advancements in printing technology, having a full color vinyl banner printed on demand is no longer an expensive or time-consuming task – it can be ordered within minutes and printed from your own design or art file. Making sure that the online printer you chose uses the right print technology and does not cut corners on print quality plays an important role in the success of your banner, as the print market gets saturated with fly-by-day gone-by-night printers that don’t care about quality of the print they produce.

At Printastic, we use the latest Eco Solvent printers. This choice was made due to many factors, but most importantly: the print quality and longevity. Eco-Solvent inks have a bite due to a solvent included in the inks, and actually penetrate the vinyl making the print more vibrant and scratch-resistant than the UV or Latex inks that usually just lay on top of the vinyl and often have adherence issues.

Print quality, resolution, and mode

The choice of printer makes a huge difference in final print quality. Some printers, like billboard printers, are often used due to their large print capacity, speed, and economy of output, but those printers are simply not designed to print banners with the photographic quality you’d expect. This is due to the fact that full-color photographic banner printing requires four fundamentals:

- Small printhead ink drop size
- Variable dot printing
- High resolution mode
- Reduced Banding and Lawn Mover print effect

Our print technology allows for the smallest drop size of only four-picoliter, producing very sharp crisp prints with even the smallest details and fonts. The variable dot printing ensures that the printer compensates for colors and images in the design, and the output is not grainy and pixelated, especially in light colors and gradients.

banner print quality

We print banners in 720x1440 DPI resolution mode which produces photographic quality prints even on large banners. For example, premium glossy magazines are printed in 300 DPI mode, so our banners are the same quality as pictures of printed automobiles and super models you’d find in magazine ads.

Ink Set and Color

banner printer ink set

The last component to quality printing is the number of inks the printer uses. Our banners are printed with eight color ink set – that is the double amount of most regular online printers. Each additional color adds to the cost of printing the banner, hence many companies choosing to print with the very basic CMYK color ink set that produces so-so images but will look pale in comparison to the vibrant eight color prints coming out of one of our printers. We print with eight colors of ink: regular CMYK (that is Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black), and additional colors to enhance gradients, skin tones, red, oranges, and nature colors - Light Magenta (LM), Light Cyan (LM), Light Black (LB), and a very special Orange (OR) ink, that is especially helpful in printing reds, greens and oranges often found in corporate logos and food images.

Full color printed banner templates

We’ve created thousands of colorful banner templates that will print brilliantly in full-color photographic quality. Below are just some examples of designs you can customize with your own information and order for printing:

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
Hemming on all 4 sides
Every 2 Feet Across Top & Bottom
$36.00 - price as configured;
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