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Keep your roof banners legal and safe

Anytime you think about using anything on your building roof, especially something as large and delicate as vinyl banners, think of public and employee safety first. Large vinyl banners on the roof tops, if poorly installed, may cause serious public safety concerns and can carry severe business liability. The first thing you should do is to check with your landlord and city zoning officials if custom banners are allowed in your city, and obtain all necessary permits from building and zoning department as well as written authorization from your landlord. We also suggest checking with your business insurance to make sure they allow the use of roof banners in your policy, and will cover you in case anything goes wrong.

As with most signage installed outside, any person who worked on the sign last is usually fully responsible for anything that may go wrong with it. For you, this means that if you attempt to install a roof top banner yourself, you will be fully responsible and liable for it. For this reason, we suggest contacting local licensed and insured sign erectors, and have a professional and licensed sign installer install the banner on your business roof. Roof top banners seem like an innocent and simple advertising tool, but if anything goes wrong during the installation process or use of the banner, you would want to make sure you’ve done everything correctly and in accordance with the law.

Suggested banner types

Banners attached to roofs are exposed to extreme outdoor weather conditions, and continuously subjected to hot, cold, moist, rainy, and even snowy and icy conditions. That’s why it is crucial to use the strongest, toughest vinyl banner available to help it withstand the elements and last for the desired amount of time. We suggest using strong outdoor banners designed for mid-term outdoor use. If properly installed by an experienced and licensed installer on a flat roof spot and tightly secured through all grommeted holes to avoid sagging and sailing, an outdoor roof banner may last anywhere from few months to a year, or sometimes even longer.

Finishing options to help keep your banner on roof

We recommend you get fully finished banners, with finished reinforced hemming and metal grommeted holes for installation. The hemmed edges provide double-thick folded banner edges for a strong and secure grommet grip, and will allow you to tighten the banner on your roof structure securely. We suggest ordering banners with metal grommets installed at every 12 inches on hemmed edges.

Installation tips

By all means, hire a licensed and insured professional sign installer, and make sure your banner is installed safely and securely. There are many installation methods, and for roof banners, only the most permanent and heavy duty are advised. No temporary installation fixtures like ropes, bungee cords, zip ties, or any other temporary means should be used. Only the appropriate permanent fasteners should be used, such as nails, wood, and metal-machined screws and washers.

Suggested sizes

After checking what’s allowed by city zoning and building departments and as well with your landlord, we suggest using the largest sizes that can fit safely and securely on your desired rooftop space.

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$45 - price as configured;
Need more options? See our main Vinyl Banner page