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Custom roof banners are used by:

  • Malls
  • Large retailers & entertainment centers
  • Convention centers
  • Movie theaters
  • Arenas & sports facilities
  • Churches & faith organizations
  • Civic buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Performing arts centers
  • And many more...

Roof Banner Tips & Best Practices

For extensive vinyl banner recommendations and tips, visit our helpful Vinyl Banners Buying Guide and Buyer's Guide to Banner Design pages.

Legal & safe roof banner use

Safety is the most important concern for roof banners. Improper banner installation or damaged banners can cause serious public safety concerns and incur business liability.

Before ordering or installing any roof banner, you should check with your landlord (if applicable) and city zoning officials, to understand all relevant issues. We also recommend checking with your business insurance to make sure they allow the use of roof banners in your policy and will provide coverage in the event of a claim. Written authorization may be required from one of more of these entities.

For liability purposes, in general the person or organization that installed and last worked on a roof top banner is responsible for anything that may go wrong with it. Roof installation can be complex and is not recommended as a DIY project. For this reason, we recommend contacting a local licensed and insured installer to manage installation and maintenance.

Roof top banners are a very effective tool for promotions and advertising, however they are also more complex and potentially hazardous than simply putting up a sign at an intersection or a banner on a fence. Make certain your installation is managed by an experienced professional, so you are protected in the event of an accident.

Suggested banner types

Roof banners are subjected to extreme outdoor weather conditions, including continuous exposure to direct sunlight, hot, cold, moist, rainy, and even snowy and icy conditions. That's why our vinyl banners are made from extremely durable material specially designed to withstand the elements. Our commitment to high quality vinyl material ensures your banner investment lasts as long as possible and returns the most value.

We offer three material types for our roof banners: 8oz mesh vinyl, 13oz matte vinyl, and 18oz heavy-duty vinyl. Each type has different advantages, according to how the banner is intended to be installed and displayed. For more information, check out our resources for Outdoor Banners and Vinyl Mesh Banners.

If installed properly by an experienced professional and displayed in normal conditions, expected banner lifetime is up to a year, and sometimes longer.

Roof banner finishing options

Finishing options are designed to make banner installation easier and boost durability. Reinforced, heat-welded hemming along all edges strengthens the banner and reduces tearing and fraying. Metal grommeted holes every 12” allow for safe and secure installation.

Standard finishing options are FREE with your order. If you have additional finishing needs, let us know—we are experts at fulfilling special orders.

Roof banner installation tips

This is not a DIY project. Installing a banner on your roof is more complex than a typical installation so it makes sense to go the extra mile to ensure it's done safely and effectively. A licensed and insured professional sign installer is the ideal solution: they will understand what's needed for a safe and secure installation. Temporary fasteners like standard ropes, bungee cords, or zip ties should not be used.

Suggested sizes

We have dozens of sizes for you to choose from, however before making your selection make certain that:

  • Your roof is large enough for the intended size
  • City zoning laws allow the size you want
  • Your landlord (if applicable) allows roof banners
  • Suitable insurance covers any potential claims

Recent Roof Top Banner Orders

Some ways that our customers are using their roof banners:

  • A new apartment building installed roof banners to advertise applications being accepted.
  • Grand opening information was displayed on a banner installed atop a new supermarket.
  • Upcoming city services were shared from a roof banner mounted on a civic event space.
  • Upcoming season ticket sales were advertised on a roof banner installed on a sports arena.
  • Several warehouses monetized their roofs as advertising spaces for third-parties.
  • A church used a roof banner to promote their holiday services.

Connect with Viewers with Custom Roof Banners

Ready to get started? Use our online design tool to begin your design, we have hundreds of templates to help you create the perfect roof banner. You can also contact our support team with any questions or special orders.

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$55 - price as configured;
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