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3 x 10 Vinyl Banners
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13oz matte vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
black grommets
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3’x10’ Banner Options and Specs

3 foot by 10 feet wide banners do have their display purposes when it comes to advertising for business uses and even for personal uses. The fact that these banners are 10 foot wide and only 3 foot in height, they are better suited to communicate a long textual message presentation or slogan. Making a 3x10 banner too busy with graphics and photos can actually be too distracting for this shaped banner unless you are thinking of using this type of banner for indoor use. As an example, we have seen many surprise birthday parties hang these long banners in a party hall or on premises to enhance the surprise factor with a special message as the birthday celebration begins. Slogans or messages are easily displayed on these long banners and they span the entire height of the banner to ensure the message can be easily viewed by the intended recipients.

Many other sizes available, see the all banner sizes page

The 3’ x 10’ ft Banner Pricing and Materials
3x10 13oz Vinyl Banner
starting at $75
Most popular choice for promotional banners, these regular duty vinyl banners printed on 13oz bright white vinyl in matte or gloss finish and suitable for indoor and outdoor use for up to 2 years with proper care.
3x10 18oz Outdoor Heavy Duty Banner
starting at $75
A go to choice for banners to replace or compliment permanent signage, these heavy duty banners printed on thick matte heavy duty 18oz vinyl are suitable for extended outdoor use for up to 3 years with proper care.
3x10 Double Sided Banner
starting at $150
These banners are printed on non transparent 18oz vinyl on both sides with either same or different image with clean cut edges. The highly opaque blockout layer insures no see through or image ghosting from side to side.
File Setup for Printing 3’x10’ Banner
Adobe Photoshop (also applies to all Raster Files)
- set up artboard to be 36” x 120” in inches (or 1/2 scale if necessary)
- set dpi to be anywhere from 100 to 300 dpi
- regular RGB or sRGB color space
- save as 100% quality jpeg file
Adobe Illustrator (also applies to all Vector files)
- set up canvas to be 36” x 120” in inches (or 1/2 scale if necessary)
- regular RGB, sRGB color space, or
- Coated GRACol or Coated US SWOP v2 color space
- embedded raster images should be at least 100dpi at actual size
- embed all raster images
- convert all text to outlines
- expand all strokes
- save as a pdf file