3x6 Banners

3x6 banners
Banner Type
Vinyl Banners
13oz matte vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
black grommets
1+ 5+ 10+ 20+ 50+
$55 $50 $44 $42 $36
1 day 1 day 1 day 2 days 3 days

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3x6 Banner Pricing and Materials

When we talk about one size fits all the 3x6 banner surely comes to mind as the clear winner. We'd estimate that out of all of the banner sizes generally used, that the 3x6 foot makes up a good 50%, if not more, of all banners used! We know we have printed 1000's of 3x6 banners... And we are happy to print more! The benefits of the 3x6 size banner is that it is not too large to handle and definitely large enough to be seen clearly from a distance. They can be effectively used outdoors, advertising any business or event, placed on buildings, exterior walls, fences, or attach to awnings and posts. The 3x6 is the perfect choice to bring traffic into your business, advertise sales and promotions, or to raise awareness for your cause or charitable event. At 3x6 feet size (that equals 36x72 inches) this banner is usually ordered as a horizontal (landscape) banner, but it can also be printed vertically (as a portrait banner) if needed. In order to create your own banner, simply submit your file saved as either 3'x6' or 6'x3' layout and we'll figure out the rest. Visit our File Setup Page for a step by step guide on how to prepare and save your file for printing.

Many other sizes available, see the all banner sizes page

13oz Vinyl
starting at $55
Most popular choice for promotional banners, these regular duty vinyl banners printed on 13oz bright white vinyl in matte or gloss finish and suitable for indoor and outdoor use for up to 2 years with proper care.
18oz Vinyl
starting at $55
A go to choice for banners to replace or compliment permanent signage, these heavy duty banners printed on thick matte heavy duty 18oz vinyl are suitable for extended outdoor use for up to 3 years with proper care.
Mesh Vinyl
starting at $80
These 8oz mesh banners are perforated with a micro hole pattern to allow the wind, light and sound through. They are a perfect solution for locations with high winds or with a requirement for partial transparency.
18oz Pole Pocket Vinyl
starting at $71
Printed on smooth lay flat 18oz vinyl, these banners come with clean cut edges and 4-inch pockets installed on top/bottom, left/right or top only, making perfect signage wherever pole installation is required. Pockets accept 2-inch round poles (poles not included).
18oz Double Sided Vinyl
starting at $90
These banners are printed on non transparent 18oz vinyl on both sides with either same or different image with clean cut edges. The highly opaque blockout layer insures no see through or image ghosting from side to side. Options include pole pockets.
3x6 Banner File Setup
Adobe Photoshop (also applies to all Raster Files)
- set up artboard to be 36” x 72” in inches (or 1/2 scale if necessary)
- set dpi to be anywhere from 100 to 300 dpi
- regular RGB or sRGB color space
- save as 100% quality jpeg file
Adobe Illustrator (also applies to all Vector files)
- set up canvas to be 36” x 72” in inches (or 1/2 scale if necessary)
- regular RGB, sRGB color space, or Regular CMYK
- embedded raster images should be at least 100dpi at actual size
- embed all raster images
- convert all text to outlines
- expand all strokes
- save as a pdf file
File Templates
Pixel Dimensions
- at 72dpi - 2592x5184 pixels;
- at 100dpi - 3600x7200 pixels;
- at 150dpi - 5400x10800 pixels;
- at 300dpi - 10800x21600 pixels;

As a general rule, the more detailed your artwork is, the higher DPI (pixel count) it should to be. For pictures and photographs, lower pixel/dpi counts are fine (72-100dpi). For text rich artwork, and for files with lots of details such as logos, maps, menus, etc, use higher pixel/dpi count (150-300dpi).

72 dpi is the minimum resolution we would recommend for printing, and the 300 dpi for the maximum resolution.