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Choosing the Right Size Yard Sign

Learn how to choose the right size yard sign for the job.

It's not always obvious what the ideal size is for a yard sign. There are a handful of common sizes, but which one provides the right balance of readability and affordability for your needs? Here's a closer look at the factors you should be thinking about:

Where will it be placed?

Location is very important, since that will determine who is able to read it. If it's placed in front of a home, you can choose facing directly front or facing perpendicular one or the other direction. Larger sizes are more easily read by cars and faster traffic; smaller sizes are fine for pedestrians.

Smaller sizes might be obscured by landscaping, depending on location. You also might choose a larger size for a more prominent display, or a smaller size might be required due to available space issues.

How much text is there?

Yards signs with a large amount of text—name, contact info, call-to-action—need to be larger, so that everything fits at a readable size. For yard signs that are simply a name and logo with contact info, a smaller size may be appropriate.

What is your sign's purpose?

If you're trying to get noticed, a larger size is almost always the right call. If the sign is simply to mark a work site or will be present at its location for an extended period, then a smaller size can work just as well.

What is allowed at the location?

Some municipalities have regulations regarding the size of yard signs. Check with the relevant authority to make sure your intended signs are in compliance.

Here are the yard sign sizes we offer standard:

Just five simple steps and you're on the way to having your ideal yard signs delivered:

  1. Use our online tool to design your yard sign;
  2. Choose the perfect size;
  3. Select a template & upload your image or text;
  4. Use the preview image to confirm how it looks;
  5. Place your order & we're ready to go!

Contact our support team with any questions, more information about sizing, or special orders. Make the right choice for your yard signs and get the most bang for your buck!