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Using Banners and Signs for Miniature Golf Courses

Miniature golf is a favorite activity among families because it’s safe, and everyone enjoys it. Promoting your miniature golf business is easy with cost-effective and durable vinyl banners and signs.

Miniature golf businesses use a variety of promotional strategies to attract families, church groups and local teens to come and enjoy a night of wholesome entertainment at the miniature golf course. Maybe your mini golf course promotes a family night special on certain days of the week or month. Using custom banners to attract families that drive by your miniature golf course is an affordable and extremely successful way to attract the attention of kids, so Mom and Dad get asked to plan a night of miniature golf in their future.

A miniature golf banner provides an affordable and effective way to advertise your miniature golf activities. To order your banner, upload your own artwork or use one of our customizable templates. Our design tool makes it easy for you to create your own custom banner with zero graphic design experience.