How-To Setup Files for Double Sided Stickers

Double Sided Stickers - Things You Need To Know

Double sided stickers are not only unique looking, they are also very effective at conveying information on both sides of a piece of glass. When you create custom double sided stickers, you can choose to repeat the same design on both the front and back, or choose to have different information on either side.

These labels are commonly used in product packaging as logo and product name can be printed on the front of the label and other important information such as ingredients, warnings, and applications can be included on the back of the label. This works best on clear packaging suchs as glass jars or bottles. Other common uses include using these decals in the windows of your business vehicles. Add a phone number and message on othe outside for passersby to view and a different message on the inside for the sticker for passengers to view.

For common designs like circles, squares, rectangles, ovals – and any shape that is a mirror image from left to right – simply double the front artwork, and you have your instant backside print art. Things get a bit trickier when we start dealing with custom shape die-cut stickers, so lets take a look at some examples.

Symmetrical Designs - The Preferred Method

It’s easy to produce double sided stickers with an identical image and message on each side, but what if you want to have an individual message for those viewing from each side of the glass - for instance - customers standing outside the door see a blue sticker with a “natural water” message, and customers inside the store see an orange sticker that says “try one today”?

Symmetrical Double Sided Sticker Example

The shape in the example above is symmetrical, which ensures that the double sided sticker will look correct no matter which side it is viewed from. Although the colors and text are different, the basic shape remained constant and the sticker could be produced with no problems.

Asymmetrical Designs - Increased Difficulty

With asymmetrical shapes, it is important to remember that the message can never be truly identical. Therefore, it is best to always use vector artwork when making these stickers. Raster images are not meant to be mirrored or die cut and make for poor coices when creating double sided stickers. Click Here For Raster vs. Vector Artwork Information.

Asymmetrical Double Sided Sticker Example

In the example above, the pinch of the text box is below the letter Y on the front of the sticker, but below the letter S on the back of the sticker. This type of discrepancy must be carefully considered before ordering double sided stickers that are asymmetrical - in most cases it prevents the use of logos. In cases where the design is not critical in relation to the text, it may be acceptable to use designs that are asymmetrical.