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popular vertical sizes:
3x2 vertical banner

was $19.99

NOW $12.99


4x2 vertical banner

was $29.99

NOW $17.99


6x3 vertical banner

was $63.99

NOW $37.99


8x3 vertical banner

was $79.99

NOW $55.99


List of ALL Vertical BANNERS we carry:

  • 5-Footers
  • 5x2
  • 5x3
  • 5x4
  • 6-Footers
  • 6x2
  • 6x3
  • 6x4
  • 8-Footers
  • 8x2
  • 8x3
  • 8x4
  • 10-Footers
  • 10x2
  • 10x3
  • 10x4
  • 12-Footers
  • 12x3
  • 12x4

In addition, Vertical banners are an ideal solution for hanging banner information such as lane indicators, doorway designations, athletic team accomplishments and aisle number markers. Large indoor areas with tall ceilings are perfect for hanging messages from the top corners of the banner. Vertical banners can be suspended from grommets in the top corners, or depending on the size of the banner, grommets in the top corners plus grommets in the middle of the banner’s top edge.

Printastic has created the Sizing Chart below to provide insight to our customers, so our readers are aware of all of the different size configurations of banners we can print. From small 2’ wide banners to large 5’ wide banners by as tall as 12’, the sizes we print have carefully selected to allow any business or person to easily find the perfect sized banner for any event, celebration, or business advertising.

The standard vertical banner sizes below can be designed online using Printastic’s professional banner design templates to ensure your message is presented exactly as intended. With that in mind, make sure to spread your text out along the length of your vertical banners to achieve a high level of readability that will leave a strong and lasting impression.