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Using mesh or wind-slitted banners to hang on posts

If you going to use your vinyl banner as a stand alone outdoor signage mounted to the posts, it is crucial to order the right kind of the banner to extend its use while avoiding banner falling and ripping. A stand-alone banner stretched between two posts is subjected to extreme wind loads and pressure, and can be damaged easily, ripping the grommets off or even ripping the hems or banner apart. Your post banner must account for this and somehow allow for the wind gusts to pass through without damaging your sign. For these types of conditions, we came up with two special banner types perfect for use on the posts:

  • Mesh Banners:

    9oz. perforated mesh vinyl banners, printed on a special mesh material, that allow the wind to pass through the micro perforated holes placed across entire banner surface. Comes with hemming on four sides and grommets installed at every 24 inches.

  • Wind Slit Banners:

    Banner printed on 16oz. heavy strong vinyl material, with hemming on all four sides and grommets punched every 12 inches. The vinyl material has several half-moon shaped holes cut right through the banner material to allow the wind pressure to pass through the banner.

Grommets and hems

As mentioned above in the suggested banner types, a post-mounted banner must include hemmed edges on all four sides and metal grommets installed to allow for proper post installation. Unless your banner is properly hemmed and grommeted, chances are it will not last very long stretched between the poles.


The best installation method that will allow for long-term outdoor use is by stretching your banner between two posts with bungee cords. Set your posts in the ground at least 2 or more feet wider than the banner you’re using and attach it on all 4 corners to the posts through the grommeted holes with mid-duty expandable eight or twelve-inch bungee cords. This will allow for additional flexibility and relieve the stress of the banner by allowing it to stretch and move with the wind gusts instead of being ripped off by a stiff and rigid rope installation.

As far as banner sizes, we suggest using three-foot-wide banners, such as our 3x6 banner, 3x8, and 3x10 sizes.

Popular uses

Since many parks and recreation areas provide posts installed by picnic and outdoor areas, it is easy to use post-mounted banners for outdoor park parties, picnics, family reunions, and drives. Below are some popular customizable banner templates that you can use to get started and personalize with your own information, pictures, and logos:

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$45 - price as configured;
Need more options? See our main Vinyl Banner page