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There's No Business Like Mobile Business

If you want to get your business moving quickly and need to be able to change your ad often, it is worth printing custom trailer or truck banner for advertising sales. You're now ready to roll, hopefully in money. You just have to park long enough for people to stop and shop. Your truck or trailer is a free wall on which to hang your banner sign. Be sure to include all important company information such as website, email, phone, etc. Many entrepreneurs are discovering mobile business is the way to go these days; instead of waiting for customers to come to their store or place online orders, they are taking it to the streets, meeting and greeting customers face to face. Mobile commerce, the best thing since... well, running a store that just sits there and waits for customers to show up.

For various modes of transport, Printastic recommends the following sizes:

  • Box Trucks: 5 x 10 or 5 x 12
  • Cargo Trailers: 4 x 8 or 4 x 6
  • Vans: 3 x 6 or 3 x 8
Install Banners

Your vinyl banner can be placed on either side of your trailer with three to four foot bungee cords or with four heavy duty magnets. The magnets are especially handy if you have a lot of stops to make, as it's easy on, easy off.

While we have made recommendations on how to hang your banners, it comes time to explain what NOT to do. Number one, never drive with the banner on! Heavy winds will ruin the banner, and may cause a traffic accident if if blows off. First rule of the mobile trailer business banner waving road: Wrap it up and put it away before you take off!

Rural Implementations

Out in the country there are fewer zoning restrictions, making it easier to set up your mobile business than in urban areas. An old truck, a horse trailer or a school bus provides an ideal place for hanging a customized vinyl banner containing your logo, business information and the products you are selling. Whether it's farm fresh eggs or hay for horses, an affordable, attractive vinyl sign will bring attention to what you're offering. In fact the business does not necessarily have to be mobile. A parked school bus with no motor still provides an excellent backdrop for your store banner.

Using Trailer Banners for Retail and Strip Mall Shops

In come cases, city ordinances will not allow your business to display large banners in your store window in your strip mall location. One effective way to combat this is to drape a vinyl banner on a van in the parking lot of your business. This can be a very effective tool for special promotions, as well as to attract customers from a greater distance.

Printastic Vinyl Banners Feature High Resolution Photo Quality

Printastic's 8-color ink set includes light cyan, light magenta and orange, so we are especially good at printing bright, vibrant images - one thing you do not want your logo to be is dull. Since we don't charge any extra for using this process, you get more for your investment. Most other printing companies use a 4-color process. Printastic's 8-color process make a big difference - when your logo and business name have greater clarity and vibrancy, it has to bring greater attention to your mobile business.

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$45 - price as configured;
Need more options? See our main Vinyl Banner page