Custom Truck Magnets - A Guide To Practical Use

Truck magnets are easily the most effective and affordable way to advertise on your personal truck or fleet of commercial trucks. Printastic stands for American quality - all of our custom truck magnets are made right in the Motor City - using the best magnet materials available. We have a large library of free magnetic truck templates and designs for you to choose from. Whether you need to supply one or a whole fleet of trucks with custom graphics, we’ve got a look that’s sure to be right for you.

Truck magnets offer a variety of uses, which makes them good for marketing campaigns and promotional pushes. As a tool for outdoor advertising, a single magnetic sign can reach large numbers of people in any possible target market. Many campaigns are starting to rely on using truck magnets due to their unique combination of good looks and low cost. Truck magnets are also easy to put on and take off, so it’s not hard to find the right vehicle to give your product some good visibility.

Put magnetic vehicle signs on and take them off anytime you need. The glossy and durable appearance make them look and feel like a professional decal, without the long-term commitment of applying cut vinyl lettering or the time and expense of wrapping your car in graphics.

These signs are usually ordered in pairs, so they can be displayed on both sides of your car. However, work trucks have an added advantage of using the rear tailgate as a sort of billboard in traffic. The drivers to your immediate right and left, as well as the vehicle behind you will always have a front row seat to read your marketing message right from the magnetic sign on your tailgate.

There are a range of truck styles available in the the U.S., from compact pickups like the Ford Ranger, to sporty models like the Toyota Tacoma, to standard size trucks like the GMC Sierra, all the way up to super duty models like the Ford F-350. Due to the wide range of door and tailgate sizes available, Printastic offers magnetic sign sizes that are suitable for any style of pickup truck - from very small to very large.

Each finished magnet has 1/2” rounded corners all the way around to protect your car’s paint and the UV coating is completely transparent and shiny to match the clear coat of your vehicle.

Many contractors perform different functions and supply varying services dependent on the time of year. The market for seasonal contract work of all kinds is full of challenges. According to a recent survey of contractors, three primary issues remain foremost in the minds of seasonal service providers:

  • Finding, training and managing employees
  • Increasing awareness in the local market
  • Dealing with "fly-by-night" competition

Actually, according to the survey, a couple dozen issues were brought up by contractors. Some are interrelated, and each tie back to one of the three main issues listed above. In all cases, magnetic truck signs can contribute toward the resolution of the issue by either promoting services, displaying job openings or increasing the professional appearance of the company.

A few examples of seasonal contractors that can utilize truck magnets to improve multiple aspects their businesses:

  • A full-service landscape company that mows lawns in the summer and removes snow in the winter.
  • A painter who does interiors in winter and exteriors in summer.
  • A drywall installer who does commercial buildings in winter and residential homes in summer.
Corporate Relations

Displaying a professional looking graphic on your work truck is beneficial for a number of reasons. First, a positive image encourages confidence in people who may be interested in the services you offer. Second, a large number of work trucks belong to contractors who need to differentiate themselves from the crowd if they want to start generating name recognition. Truck magnets help with both of those things.

Employment Opportunities

The managers of several high profile contract companies in major metropolitan areas use truck magnets to advertise any open positions they are looking to fill. The temporary nature of truck magnets makes them ideal for conveying such messages as “help wanted”, “seasonal workers needed”, “looking for drivers”, “seeking experienced equipment operators” and more.

Business Promotions

Truck magnets are a great medium for small business outdoor advertising because they are far less expensive than alternatives such as TV ads or roadside billboards. Although the per-unit cost is low, they can nevertheless reach a vast audience on any given day.


You may also use truck magnets for events or occasions that you need to promote on moving vehicles. In addition, large vehicles that are commonly found at events - box trucks, trailers , construction equipment - can be decorated with magnets that contain information related to the event.

Professional looking truck magnets give homeowners an added sense of security. When a resident doesn’t know the contractor coming to meet with them, they can feel a bit worried over what to expect. Personal safety worries can be alleviated by displaying car magnets that give off a professional impression and letting them see that a reputable, expected company has arrived to visit.

In addition, truck magnets provide additional safety to the driver of the truck in the form of calming the nerves of a nervous homeowner. Nobody likes it when strange trucks pull up to the house - prevent the kinds of troubles that can arise by always displaying your company name, logo and contact information in large type on each of your truck magnets.

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