Custom Car Magnets

Car magnets from Printastic are a great way to establish your business and brand image in while driving on the road. These signs will magnetically adhere to any ferrous metal car door and are specifically sized to suit most vehicles. Magnets that are as clear as possible, containing short messages will make the information you are trying to convey easier to understand.

Cars are used in day-to-day business travels every hour of every day. From getting employees to and from work, arriving to appointments, visiting existing customers with services and support, making a car's exterior the perfect advertising medium while traveling on the road. Every other driver in their vehicle becomes a potential customer when they read a car magnet's advertising messages.

This magnetic signage specifically designed for cars is an easy and inexpensive way to convert your car into a temporary rolling billboard. Instead of spending more money for a permanent vehicle wrap, your car's magnetic signs get the job done quickly and can be removed easily whenever the situation dictates. A survey conducted by the American Trucking Association reports that 91% of people recall the marketing message on a vehicle sign, and up to 75% form an impression of a business based on this message.

Many drivers have full time careers that require them to work as an employee during business hours and also have a personal business that they conduct in their off-hours and weekend days. Car magnets give drivers the ability to keep a separation between their two professional lives. For instance, magnetic car signs, unlike adhesive signage, can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue.

There are several reasons why people want to maintain this type of anonymity when it comes to having multiple business interests. Most people prefer to keep a separation between their private businesses and their day jobs. Many employers also frown on advertising outside businesses while on their corporate campuses and while parked in their private lots.

The most popular sizes for use on the passenger cars and sedans:

Removable car magnets can also provide drivers with an added sense of security. Personal safety can be elevated by displaying car magnets in dark areas and unfamiliar locations. The graphics and information contained on your design not only give a sense of professionalism, but they also let people know of a number or website to call in case of emergency. Nobody is a nameless target when they have identifying information available on their car doors for all to see.

In addition to providing security to the driver, removable car magnets give business and home owners peace of mind by letting them see that a reputable, expected company has arrived to visit. Some people don’t like it when unmarked, unknown or unexpected cars pull up to their residence or business, so custom designed car magnets give them the information they need to make it a little bit easier for you to gain access to the location.

Do not attempt installation on plastic or aluminum body panels.

Car magnets will only stick to car parts that are made from ferrous metals - metals which contain Iron. They also have small amounts of other elements, to give the required properties. Ferrous materials are magnetic and provide little resistance to corrosion.

Non-Ferrous Materials do not contain Iron, are not magnetic and are usually more resistant to corrosion.

Some examples of Non-Ferrous Materials are:

  • Aluminium
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Carbon Fiber

Although the vast majority of vehicles on the road today are manufactured with a steel (ferrous) body and chassis, aluminum has slowly but surely found a home in the automotive industry. A simple test can be done with a refrigerator magnet to determine what type of metal your car’s surface area is made of. If the magnet sticks to the surface, it is probably a ferrous metal, but if the magnet does not stick, your car component is a nonferrous material - most likely aluminum or molded plastic.

Before installing magnetic signs, first identity the desired the placement area.

The magnet should preferably be situated on a flat or moderately curved rectangular area, free of ridges, moldings and name or brand badges. This same area should be available on both the driver and passenger sides of the car. The vehicle surface and the magnetic side of the sign should be completely clean and dry prior to application.

Make sure to measure.

Sure, the standard sizes of magnets for cars are standard for a reason. But, it's better to be safe than sorry. Before you order door magnets that aren't going to fit, take the time to measure your car. Also, look for bevels and body side molding. Your car door may be large enough to fit a huge custom magnet, but if there is auto molding straight across the middle of the door, you're not going to be able to use the entire space. Carefully measure your installation area. Eyeballing the door panel where you intend to install your magnet is not good enough. In order to determine if you have enough room to install the magnet, use a measuring tape.

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