3 x 6
  • Preloader
feet, Height x Width
13oz matte vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
black grommets
1 day1 day1 day2 days3 days

Customize Template Banner

Rental Banners

Vinyl Banners Keep Your Properties Rented

Large banners inform both current and potential renters of special deals, bargains and additional information related to items for rent. Rental banners welcome new customers and help to convert an interested customer into a future renter. You can utilize banners to convey features and important information about the rental items, in addition to rental prices. Rental banners that show involvement with customers help increase rental rates and also make a good impression on future customers. Full-color banners help your rentals stand out from the crowd, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many new renters you acquire when you use banners!

Vinyl banners have become a staple in the equipment and property rental industry for cost effective messaging. When you display creative banners, you capture attention from passing traffic. Designing effective rental banners isn’t difficult, but there are some important things to know. Your banners should be targeted toward your ideal tenant. Identify your target resident and create banners that would attract him or her. People are visually stimulated, so get their attention by using pictures of your vehicle or property (interior and/or exterior) on your rental banners. Many customers are looking for specifics such as off-road capabilities and safety features; your banners are the perfect place to show off what you have to offer! Rental advertising banners should also include a concise, compelling message. Quality visuals attract attention to your advertising banners, but effective content motivates the viewer to take action. Some examples of messages to use on your rental banners are: “Available Now”, “Walk-Ins Welcome”, “Weekday Special”, “High Horsepower”, or even “Vacation Ready”.