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Making an effective construction site banner

Construction site banners serve many purposes and are used for marketing and advertising of the newly built property, lot safety and directions, and to display builder contact information and branding. What makes all of these different banners common is that they’re usually displayed outside the lot on large fences, and every banner needs to be designed in a way to make your information highly visible and legible. This usually dictates simple, clean designs with lots of white space, and strong primary colors on light color or white backgrounds. Consider designing simple banners with bold black, red, or blue lettering on a white background. Sometimes reversing colors (like placing white text on a red background) helps to highlight main messages such as “coming soon,” “available now,” or “for Lease.” Making a yellow background lot banner with black bold writing will create a sense of urgency and are usually used for public safety, no trespassing, or directional lot signage.

Heavy duty construction banners

Because many construction projects may take a long time to complete, and work goes year round under changing weather conditions, we recommend using the toughest lot banners you can afford. Construction equipment, dust, dirt, moving of building materials, and a work force takes its toll on everything around, and vinyl signage being designed for temporary use may fail prematurely if not properly constructed. We suggest using our tough outdoor banners that feature:

  • 16oz. heavy duty vinyl material
  • One-inch heat welded hemming on all 4 sides
  • Nickel plated grommets punched every 12 or 24 inches
  • Full color three-year durable printing
Mesh banners

Many builders like to use mesh banners on the lots, and is especially popular if the builder needs to cover the entire site. Mesh banners allow for wind and sound to pass through, and help block the view into the lot from the outside while still providing semi-see through capability from within the lot so your crew can still see outside, promoting a safe and secure job site. Some builders doing renovation construction have printed the future look of the renovated site on the banner allowing the passing by audience to view the future of what’s to come of the building.

Installing lot banners

Construction lot banners are usually installed in one of two ways: on the perimeter fences, and on the newly erected walls. In any case, if you order one of our heavy duty outdoor banners with grommets every 12 or 24 inches, the installation becomes an easy task of securing the banner through every grommet hole to the backing. For fences, you can use metal or plastic zip ties, and for walls you can simply nail the banner on with the right nail and washer fasteners. Remember to always stretch your banner tightly and avoid banner sagging and sailing in the wind as it has the potential to prematurely damage and rip the banner apart.

Popular construction banners

If you don’t have ready to print artwork and would rather not go through the expense of hiring a graphic designer to create your banner, you can start by modifying one of our free customizable construction lot templates. It is as easy as finding the banner layout you like and swapping all text information with your own messages and contact information. Our online design tool will even allow you to upload your contractor logo for a finished banner branded with your own artwork.

Suggested sizes

We suggest using large construction banners, due to the fact that a lot perimeter is usually quite long, and anything small will look lost on the lot and won’t be able to do its job effectively.

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$55 - price as configured;
Need more options? See our main Vinyl Banner page