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Designing an Effective Construction Site Banner

Construction site banners can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing and advertising of newly built properties, lot safety and directions, builder contact information, site beautification, and much more. The one feature in common is that they're typically displayed outside the lot on large fences: that requires banner design that makes information highly visible and legible.

We recommend the following when designing your construction site banners:

  • Clean, simple design with lots of white space
  • Strong primary colors on light color or white backgrounds (bold black, red or blue lettering on a white background is very good)
  • Highlight main messages like Coming Soon, Available Now or For Lease with reversed color design (for example, white text on red background)
  • Yellow & black combination is usually reserved for safety or directional information

For more vinyl banner recommendations and tips, visit our helpful Vinyl Banners Buying Guide and Buyer's Guide to Banner Design pages.

Heavy-duty construction banners

Construction site banners need to be tough. Long durations displayed outside exposed to wind, weather, sun, construction dust, and more means sturdy design is an absolute requirement. Our banners feature:

  • 16oz heavy-duty vinyl material
  • 1” heat-welded hemming on all sides
  • Nickel-plated grommets punched every 12” or 24”
  • Full color printing durable for 3+ years

Our Outdoor Banners page has more helpful information.

Mesh banners

There's a reason many builders use vinyl mesh banners on their lots: they are affordable, durable, and versatile in a wide range of applications and locations. The mesh design permits airflow, especially when mounted on chain link fences, and helps block the view into the lot while providing semi-see-through capability from within, for a safer and more secure job site. Common uses are for advertising, promoting the future look of the site, and safety.

Installing construction lot vinyl banners

Construction lot banners are typically installed in two locations: on perimeter fencing, or on newly built walls. In either instance, our heavy-duty outdoor banners feature grommets every 12” or 24” to make them easy and fast to install.

For chain link fences, you can use metal or plastic zip ties, and for walls you can simply nail the banner on with the right nail and washer fasteners. Remember to always stretch your banner tight, to avoid banner sagging and sailing in the wind.

Popular construction banner designs

The main thing to know is that we make it easy for you to design a professional looking, attractive banner without needing a graphic designer. Check our online design tool and you can review our library of hundreds of templates—use them as is, or customize with your own images, logos, colors, and text. It's free to use and takes only minutes.

Suggested sizes

We have dozens of sizes available for our construction lot banners. For sizing, keep in mind the size of the display surface. Also note that outdoor banners benefit from being larger, due to the further viewing distances involved—smaller banners may be lost in the clutter of a busy construction site.

To learn more, check out our Vinyl Banners page.

Order Your Custom Construction Site Banners Today!

Designing your banners and placing your order is easy:

  1. Use our online tool to design your construction site banner;
  2. Choose a template & customize with your images, color or text;
  3. Select finishing options;
  4. Use the preview image to confirm how it looks;
  5. Place your order & we're ready to go!

Contact our support team with any questions or special orders. We're here to help you use banners to gain ultimate value!

Design and print your own banner
height x width
3 x 6
13oz. Select Vinyl
hemming on all 4 sides
grommets every 2 feet across top & bottom
$55 - price as configured;
Need more options? See our main Vinyl Banner page